Waititu's Deputy Escalates Row With Governor After Latest Move

  • The plot between embattled Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and his Deputy James Nyoro seems to have thickened after the deputy governor made a controversial move in an attempt to secure his position as the county government head.

    The Daily Nation on Monday, September 23, reported that Nyoro withdrew the official cars of two county executives and reassigned their drivers in a move to get them to toe the line.

    He alleged that the two executives, Juliet Kimemia (Public Works and Energy) and Kigo Njenga (Finance and Planning) were spending their time engaging in politics instead of development.

    Kiambu Finance CEC Kigo Njenga. The former Gatundu North legislator is crying foul after the Kiambu deputy governor James Nyoro withdrew his official vehicle and reassigned his driver.

    He also alleged that the two were abusing their offices by using their official vehicles and drivers to run personal errands, which he intimated was a reason that warranted the withdrawal.

    The Daily Nation further alleged that Nyoro defended his move, stating that the two executives were moles planted by Waititu to throw his agenda for the county off the rail.

    The two CECs confirmed that indeed their vehicles had been withdrawn by the deputy governor, and claimed that they could read a political motive behind the move.

    "My official vehicle has been withdrawn this morning. Nyoro is trying to humiliate me because he views me as a political threat and thinks I will vie for the Governor's seat in 2022," Njenga was quoted.

    Njenga, who lost his Gatundu North parliamentary seat in the 2017 general election, has been reported to be plotting a 2022 comeback by aligning with Waititu who had offered him the county job.

    CEC Kimemia had also launched a spirited bid to ascend to the Kiambu Senatorial Seat in 2017 but lost to Kimani Wamatangi with a wide margin.

    The move by Nyoro hasĀ aroused controversy and disquiet in the boardrooms, with other CECs openly rebelling against their boss.

    Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu with County Executives at a past event. Some of the executives are rebelling against the acting governor, stating that they do not recognize his authority.

    The Youth Affairs County Executive Karung' o wa Thang' wa intimated that he does not recognize Nyoro as the acting governor and that he has no right to hire or fire.

    "Such powers are only reserved for the governor. Nyoro is the ceremonial deputy governor," he was quoted.

    A court order in July 2019 barred Waititu from accessing the office, leading to the installation of Nyoro in an acting capacity.

    That was the start of a struggle between Waititu, who is aggressively seeking his return to office and Nyoro who is attempting to stamp his authority in the slippery gubernatorial seat.