How Killer-school Owner Fooled Media to Flee Scene of Tragedy

  • On Tuesday, September 24, the Precious Talent Academy proprietor, Moses Wainaina, and his wife, Freshia Wainaina, who serves as the school administrator were seen meeting with other managers of the institution. 

    When the Daily Nation visited the school a day after the unfortunate incident, reporters sought an audience with Wainaina, but in vain.

    "He refused to talk about the tragedy and left the compound in a huff under the pretext of answering a phone call," the newspaper reported.

    Proprietor of Precious Talents Top School in Nairobi's Ng'ando area Moses Wainaina leaving the School compound on September 24, 2019.

    Addressing the media on Monday, he had absolved himself of any culpability, accusing construction works around the school of causing the collapse. 

    “They had good intentions to help this school but an accident has happened,” Wainaina told the press in reference to a sewer line that the County Government of Nairobi had sunk behind the ill-fated building.

    Despite the tragedy that gripped the country on Monday, September 23, killing eight students, the owners are yet to be arrested. 

    Nairobi police boss Philip Ndolo was hesitant to talk about it though he disclosed to the Daily Nation that investigations were underway. 

    Detectives are awaiting a report by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations before taking action. 

    “Let’s wait until the investigations are concluded,” Ndolo told the Daily Nation in response to inquiries.

    Parents have given mixed reactions when asked to comment about the proprietor’s character. 

    “He supervises teaching in the school in person,” Njeru, a parent with a child in the school revealed.

    “He works until late in the evening most of the times. My two children and those of my brother have all gone through the school, from Standard One to Standard Eight. The teachers emphasise a lot on performance,” another parent opined.

    On the other hand, some accused Wainanina of arrogance in the way he runs the school. 

    One parent who identified herself only as Grace described Wainaina as a conceited man who brushes off parents’ concerns and often expels children whose parents complain about the school. 

    The collapse of a classroom at Precious Talent Academy caused outrage from Kenyans who demanded that action be taken against those found culpable