Little Known Facts About Orengo's Wife

Betty Kaari Murungi has been in the public limelight for a  while but most people are not aware that she is the wife to Siaya Senator James Aggrey Orengo.

Like her name, Murungi, suggests you probably guessed it right, she is the sister and only sibling to Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi.

Murungi has practised law at national, regional and international levels, and also in the management and governance of non-governmental and non-profit organisations.



Murungi has been a consultant and legal advisor on gender-related crimes at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, since 1998.


In addition, she has served as legal advisor to the Women's Human Rights Program at Rights and Democracy, Montreal, Canada. 


Besides working in Kenya, Murungi has also worked in South Sudan, Northern Uganda, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Rwanda and Liberia.


She co-founded and directed for eight years the Urgent Action Fund-Africa, an innovative feminist fund that supports bold human rights interventions particularly around sexual minorities and other sexual autonomy and reproductive health rights issues. 


Murungi is one of the very few Kenyans to ever step aside from high paying government jobs, after falling out with her boss at the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC).


In 2010, Murungi resigned as the vice-chair of the TJRC because she could not continue holding the position after publicly asking her embattled boss the late ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat to step aside.


Away from work, she is a mother of six, three boys and three girls Bob Orengo, Micheal Orengo, Zeni Orengo, Steven Orengo, Josephine Orengo and Lynette Orengo.

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