Four Expensive Things Owned by Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange

Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange is a well known and respected figure in Kenya's media circle but very few people know the expensive things he owns.

In March 2018, the anchor who also hosts a morning show on Hot 96 disclosed that he is worth Ksh50 million.

According to an article by The Standard, the anchor's net worth might be substantiated considering the exotic Mercedes Benz he drives.

He reportedly owns a Mercedes Benz G-class whose factory price was patched at Ksh10 million.

It was also revealed that Koinange's wrist carries a lavish Breitling for Bentley watch and it allegedly possesses a strap made of crocodile skin.

The watches prices start from Ksh1 million according to online sources.

It was also revealed that the country-music enthusiast does not partake cigars like any other Tom, Dick and Harry, his are imported.

Those Partagas Series D Cuban Cigars are said to be worth Ksh500,000.

To top it all off, the celebrated anchor retreats to his lavish home in Kitisuru. Koinange has, however, managed to keep the mansion a secret but it reportedly cost him millions.

In 2016, armed burglars broke into his home, beat up his watchman but luckily, the news anchor escaped unharmed.

They took away computers and DVDs.

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