Man Storms Crowded Market & Slashes People Leaving 1 Dead

  • Police respond to an accident scene. On Monday, a man reportedly ploughed into a crowded market and slashed people randomly leaving 7 dead in Meru County. Twitter
  • A man drove through a crowded market in Meru County, on Monday, September 30, and slashed traders indiscriminately leaving one person dead.

    According to a report by K24 Digital, Joseph Kileru entered Muriri Market along the Muriri-Isiolo Road in Tigania East, alighted from his vehicle and started attacking anyone on sight including school children.

    Quoting Tigania East OCPD Peter Karanja, the news outlet indicated that the attacker then fled the scene after the attack.

    A person holding pangas
    A policeman displays pangas recovered from a suspect during a past attack. A man attacked traders in a Meru market after threatening to kill his children. Police have launched a manhunt for him.

    The Kenya Red Cross had earlier highlighted the incident indicating that 17 people were reportedly injured after Kileru's car ploughed into the market.

    Speaking to the suspect's wife, the broadcaster also reported that the man had threatened to kill his family and was on a mission to murder 50 people before eventually taking his own life.

    “He started behaving funny from Sunday when a man of Somali origin came to the shop. We were both busy but I heard the stranger threaten my husband saying he killed his camel and they are soon coming for him," stated Kileru's wife.

    She further added that things were normal on Monday morning until her husband suddenly changed and started claiming that he could not sit around and wait to be killed by bandits.

    “I don’t know what went wrong or what those camel owners have done to him. At about 4 p.m., he suddenly started shouting at me saying 'I will kill you and others before I take my own life. I cannot wait for them to kill me alone'.

    "And that is the time he picked the car keys and went out. In no time, I heard people screaming in the market and I got out quickly and I was shocked to see him run over people,” she continued.

    Some of the injured were taken to Meru Level Five Hospital for treatment.

    Police respond to a protest in Tigania
    Police respond to a protest in Tigania. Authorities in the area have launched a manhunt of a suspect who reportedly randomly slashed people in a market on Monday leaving two dead.