Chris Kirubi's Passionate Plea to Govt

  • Billionaire Chris Kirubi has made a passionate to the government regarding the education system.

    Speaking in his latest episode of #AskKirubi on Capital FM, the celebrated businessman asked the state to consider ensuring proper academic systems are in place so that students and graduates can empower themselves.

    In the episode that was published on Wednesday, October 2, the business mogul held that the training should be made mandatory in county governments explaining that the youth would, as a result, become independent and create jobs.

    Billionaire Chris Kirubi explained that the state and other companies should aim to empower the youth so that they can create their own careers and jobs to grow the economy.

    "The Government, on the other hand, needs to change the education dynamics in Kenya so that it focuses not only on theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge and skills.

    "This will enhance the personal and career development of our young people making them employable and skilled to be entrepreneurs," explained Kirubi.

    "As we continue to push development across the country, may we focus on training young people in each county so that they become self-independent and create jobs. I hope that this can be made mandatory for County Governments to implement going forward," the tycoon added.

    He also reached out to individuals who were privileged to offer youths jobs and challenged them not to ask them (youth) to work for free.

    The firms, he expounded, should strive to empower the individuals so that they could create opportunities for others in the future.

    "For those who have the privilege of working with and employing the youth, please do not threaten their livelihoods. Empower and mentor them.

    "Give them the opportunity to learn and become better individuals. Don’t take advantage of them by making them work without pay or for less pay. They should be treated equally and earn what they deserve and have worked for," he remarked.

    Kirubi is a well-known entrepreneur behind some of Kenya's most successful brands including Capital FM and Centum Investments among others. 

    Lonrho house in Nairobi CBD which houses Capital FM, a media company owned by Chris Kirubi.