EXCLUSIVE: MP Rushes to School After Teacher Shaves Off Sons' Hair

  • Nominated MP David Sankok, on Monday, October 8, was forced to visit the barbershop with his son in tow, after a teacher partly shaved off his hair.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, the lawmaker praised the teacher's punishment style, explaining that it was irresponsible of his son to go to school with uncombed hair.

    He further explained that all his children attend public schools and seek medical treatment from public hospitals because as a lawmaker, he has to lead by example.

    MP David Sankok's son showing a partly shaved head when his further went to pick him up at school

    "These boys are naughty and so they did not comb their hair. At school, the teacher partly shaved their hair to compel their parents to take them to the barber.

    "So when I went, they told me what happened; that their teacher had not shaved them correctly yet their father was an MP," narrated the legislator.

    Sankok then requested to see the teacher and directed him to cane the boys for complaining to him.

    "I asked them to take me to that teacher and asked the teacher if he shaved them. When I asked if he caned them, he said he did not.

    "I then instructed them to cane them two strokes each," he continued.

    After leaving the institution, Sankok took the boys to the barbershop for a shave.

    Nominated MP David Sankok who ordered his sons' teacher to cane them after they complained to him that they were not shaved correctly.