Churchill's Meagre Income Hustle Before Stardom [VIDEO]

  • Daniel Ndambuki, known to many as 'Churchill', is without a doubt one of the most prolific and well-known people in the country.

    He was thrust into the limelight with his role in the hilarious TV comedy Redykyulass, but way before he got into the TV and radio industry, he used to hustle like plenty of other young people in the streets.

    In a 2012 segment of Capital Talk on K24, Churchill narrated to the show host Jeff Koinange that while he had done plenty of menial jobs to enable him to subsist in the city, his most memorable one was washing bottles in a recycling firm.

    Daniel Ndambuki, Alias Churchill at a past event. He started as a bottle cleaner at a recycling firm before he got his big break at Redykyulass.

    He stated that he would walk to work at the Industrial Area in Nairobi, and as soon as he got to his workplace, he would sort dirty bottles and start cleaning them one by one as most would have been collected from filthy dustbins and streets.

    He narrated that things were not easy for him at that time given that there was a scarcity of job opportunities, and he was also out of options.

    He told Koinange that sometimes his Indian boss would project anger on him, and at one time, things got so bad between them that his boss dismissed him for no apparent reason.

    "I don't want to see this guy. Give him Ksh75 and let him go right now," he recalled.

    He admitted that while it felt bad at that time, those humble beginnings are what have led him to remain humble years after he had become an outstanding comedian

    With his new brand of comedy, the launch of Churchill Live in 2007 revolutionized the comedy industry in the country, which had previously been dominated by programs like Vitimbi and Vioja Mahakamani.

    By 2018, Churchill Show and Churchill Raw were ranked as some of the programs with the highest viewership in the country.

    Churchill rose from his humble past to becoming one of the most sought after MCs and comedians in the country, mentoring hundreds of other thespians who have made it to international platforms.