Jeff Koinange Stunned by How Guest Fooled US Cops to Evade Arrest

  • Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange was, on the evening of Wednesday, October 10, stunned by his guest's narration of how he fooled US police officers to evade arrest.

    Appearing on JKLive, Tony Njuguna, who is popularly known for imitating former President Mwai Kibaki, revealed that they were stopped for speeding in Long Island, New York. 

    Since he was on the steering wheel, the comedian decided to pretend he did not understand English, except for two words; 'welcome', thank you'.

    He further explained that some Americans viewed Africans as ignorant and so he opted to conform to their beliefs if it meant he would get away with it.

    Jeff Koinange (center) and his two guests Walter Mong'are (right) and Tony Njuguna.

    "The first rule in America when a police officer flags you is not to remove your hands on the steering wheel because you will be threatening an officer.

    "The officer comes and asks me to give him my driving licence. Then I discovered one way to save myself was to act like I did not understand the American language properly but only knew two phrases," Njuguna recalled sending Koinange into stitches.

    "I only knew 'welcome' and 'thank you'," claimed Tony.

    His colleague, Walter Mong'are, who was also in the car, explained that the officer pulled back from the vehicle after the ridiculous responses he received from the comedian.

    "The more this guy (Tony) sounded like that, the more the officer pulled back," narrated Mong'are.

    The officer then asked if anyone in the car spoke English but no one offered. That was when he decided to let them drive off scot-free.