Ex-Citizen TV Actor Baha in New Show a Week After Machachari's Cancellation

  • Former Machachari actor Kamau Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, has unveiled a new series barely a week after Citizen TV pulled a plug on his former show.

    Taking to social media, the revered actor announced that he had unveiled a show dubbed Buddah in Shawt, whose episodes air on his YouTube channel KM TV.

    The show centres around young men and their daily struggles of being grown and independent, with the main character purely speaking in sheng.

    In the latest show, Mbaya roped in his friend Malik Lemmy, popularly known as Govi, who also had a starring role in their now-defunct show Machachari.

    Machachari star Kamau Mbaya popularly known as Baha admitted that he was a little hurt by the show's ending.

    The new show deviates from their previous work in that, Machachari was a teen-themed show that revolved around the teenagers.

    On September 30, Citizen TV's Production Manager Stanley Ngige, revealed that Machachari had been cancelled over pressure about the age of its characters. The show was supposed to ideally mimic the lives of teens. In its place, the broadcaster settled for Johari.

    Ngige explained that the series had outlived its relevance after its main characters hit the country's legal age.

    He further intimated that the show was trailing in ratings, averaging between 3.8 million and 4.8 million in weekly viewership.

    "It has been a gradual, deliberate ending of a show strategically so that we introduce new content in the target audience of kids.

    "We started with Baha's crew, they are now seniors. We needed to create a room to have a new show just the way we began Machachari 13 years ago," stated Ngige.

    Govi, however, disputed claims that the characters' age-factor influenced its cancellation.

    "I left the show in January so people should stop spreading lies that the show was cancelled because the characters had outgrown their roles. 

    "The truth is that the show is no more and I feel bad although all that has a beginning must come to an end," explained Govi at the time.

    Machachari actors Kamau Mbaya (left) and Malik Lemuel Mbelle who were part of the lead actors of the hit teen-themed scripted series.