Linus Kaikai Trolled Online After Controversial Tweet

  • On Thursday, October 10, Citizen TV's Linus Kaikai was bashed by Kenyans on Twitter after he praised former President Daniel Moi's 24-year rule.

    Kaikai took to the microblogging platform and shared his Moi Day message which landed him in trouble.

    The accomplished journalist uploaded a picture of himself and Moi whom he referred to as a 'serious political adult'.

    Kaikai's tweet that earned him an online tongue lashing.

    “Moi was a serious political adult; fully in charge of the national homestead he headed. He genuinely cared for national unity, running a Government largely representative of the face of Kenya. He fully protected our territorial borders. History will judge this man kindly,” Kaikai tweeted.

    The post did not achieve Kaikai's intended purpose as Kenyans on social media lashed at the Royal Media Services employee. 

    Patrick Gathara, a journalist and newspaper cartoonist tweeted, "And your "reliable and objective assessment" is that Moi was "a serious political adult" whom "history will judge ... kindly"? Seriously? I assume you covered Wagalla Massacre, the "tribal" clashes, and the Nyayo Chambers? Goldenberg and Mobitelea scams? You judge that kindly?"

    "Read about the North Eastern massacres. You're a journalist. You're either ignoring the facts or unable to do your job properly," La flame going by the handle @Kamzy_ tweeted.

    Mwalimu Njoroge commented, "Don't confuse elevation of psychos from each tribe as national cohesion. He just replicated the colonial home guards and used them to repress each tribe accordingly. Let's not celebrate mediocrity on this."

    "This is the best example of selective amnesia. Tribal clashes, corruption, skewed appointments, murder, torture, and human rights violations were the hallmark of Moi's leadership. Prof Wangari Maathai may just come back from the dead and lecture us on this," Laibon Kiplimo opined. 

    John Allan Namu tweeted, "Part of Moi's legacy that we should reflect on. He was Kenya's president and thus a part of our history, painful as it may be, but forgetting him only allows others of his ilk to take power again because people don't remember what it was like under him."

    Kaikai's reply to a tweet by a newspaper cartoonist.