Passaris Gets Emotional About Her Mother's Ill Health

  • Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris, on Saturday, October 12, got emotional while speaking about her mother's ill health.

    Speaking during a phone interview with, the outspoken legislator revealed that her mother had been undergoing treatment in India, after being diagnosed with cancer.

    "My mother has been away for three months. She was diagnosed with cancer and we had to fly her to India. Of course, we've been missing her but she is coming back soon.

    "Given my mother's diabetic state, I don't think she could have been treated very well in Kenya. We don't have the scans that can show where cancer in one's body is," Passaris narrated.

    Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris speaks during a past event. She recently opened up about her mother's deteriorating health.

    She went on to explain that that her family was lucky since one of her siblings resides in India.

    "I have a sister who lives in India. Otherwise, if she didn't live there, I would have been lost. She was able to access the best medical care. She has been there for three months," she added.

    The woman representative further stated that she flew to Mombasa to surprise her father, Eleftherious Passaris, whose birthday was on Tuesday, October 8.

    "I came down with a cake from Nairobi because he likes chocolate cake. It was not very easy to carry a 2kg cake on my hands because of my back problem," Passaris narrated.

    She described her father as a strict parent, who always made sure that they did the right thing.

    "My father was very strict, he had four daughters and one son. Even when we used to go to the disco, he would be there watching us from the side," Passaris explained. 

    Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Muthoni Passaris, her nephew and father, Eleftherious Passaris, during his birthday.