Jimmy Wanjigi Asks to Meet Kenyan Giving Him Sleepless Nights

  • Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi on Saturday, October 12, extended an invitation to a Twitter user who has been using a parody account in his name.

    The businessman extended the invitation after the user claimed Wanjigi was planning to gift Eluid Kipchoge a private jet, that reportedly costs Ksh6.5 billion before tax, for winning the INEOS 1:59 Challenge. 

    In a twist of events, Wanjigi lauded the impostor for being creative. 

    “I actually want to meet the person behind the tweet over a cup of tea because his creativity has shaped conversations of Kenyans online,” Wanjigi told Citizen Digital.

    A photo collage Billionaire Jimi Wanjigi and Eliud Kipchoge.

    Wanjigi clarified that he had no plans of buying a private jet for Kipchoge and dismissed the rumours as untrue.

    Further, Wanjigi showered the 34-year-old athlete with praise for flying Kenya's flag high, in the event which was held in Vienna, Austria. 

    "We are proud of Eliud Kipchoge for what he has done for the human race and for Kenya in particular,” he stated. 

    The claims emerged after a Twitter account - that many thought belonged to Wanjigi - claimed that he had promised to buy a private jet for Kipchoge if he was successful in the INEOS 1:59 Challenge. 

    The tweet was published before Kipchoge made history in Vienna on Saturday, October 12.

    A screengrab of the tweet that was posted by account that purporting to be Jimi Wanjigi's