NRG Radio Rebrands to 'Kipchoge Radio'

  • NRG Radio, on Sunday, October 13, announced that it would rebranding to Kipchoge Radio for one week beginning Monday, October 14.

    In a statement, the broadcaster revealed that it had resorted to the move to honour the marathoner Eliud Kipchoge's recent recording-breaking performance in Vienna where he became the first human to cover 42 kilometres in under 2 hours.

    NRG Radio Group Managing Director, Kevin Mulei, disclosed that he was inspired by Kipchoge's sheer determination which embodies the station's mission to empower the youth.

    An NRG Radio studio. The studio will Rebrand to Kipchoge Radio starting Monday, October 14.

    "NRG Radio, based in Nairobi which covers two-thirds of Kenya, will change its name to Kipchoge Radio from Monday, in celebration of the world-beating achievement of 1 hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds in the INEOS Challenge held in the weekend," read the statement in part.

    "Kipchoge is such an inspiration to the young and old alike, not just in Kenya but Globally. We followed the challenge for a number of weeks from local preparation to the travel and we are immensely proud of Eliud for breaking the two-hour barrier in Vienna.

    "As the number one youth radio station in Kenya, we are continuously challenging our young people to achieve their ultimate and there is no better time to remind them that no human is limited than now," Mulei stated.

    On Wednesday, October 9, Safaricom Limited rebranded its M-Pesa logo to Eliud, a brand new and vibrant design inspired by legendary marathoner, Eliud Kipchoge.

    Speaking at the time, Chief Financial Services Officer, Sitoyo Lopokoiyit announced that the new logo will be in use for the next 7 days, in honour of the Kenyan marathoner who was also declared to be the new face of M-Pesa.

    "We are honoured to renew our commitment with Eliud Kipchoge and to support him as he races against time. As part of our support, we will be empowering any Kenyan across the country to stream the challenge for free, wherever they are, with the advantage of our strong network and wide coverage. For every Kenyan, Kipchoge is a reflection of our resilience and determination as he has taken on challenge after challenge.

    “The last few years have seen Kipchoge emerge not only as one of the greatest athletes ever but also as one of the most accomplished people ever. It is a privilege to partner with him on this historic occasion and as an icon, it is only befitting to offer our M-PESA brand in his recognition," Michael Joseph enthusiastically added. 

    The New Safaricom M-Pesa logo in honour of Eliud Kipchoge