Sonko Issues 1 Condition Before Unveiling Deputy

  • Governor Mike Sonko had a tough message to pass to members of the Nairobi County Assembly who had been warring over the control of the assembly following the return of ousted speaker Beatrice Elachi.

    In a long strongly-worded statement posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, October 15, Sonko lashed out at the members of the county assembly who he alleged were blaming his absence for the chaos at City Hall.

    "To my beloved critics who I love a lot for making me stronger and even more stronger every day and who say I could have made a difference if I was around during the skirmishes that happened at the County Assembly, I would to tell them Mimi sio Mungu ama Malaika kujua (I am not God or an angel to know...) what will happen while I'm away," he wrote.

    Embattled Nairobi Speaker Beatrice Elachi at a past event. Sonko claimed that the war in the county assembly pitting Elachi and the acting speaker had been blamed on his failure to appoint a deputy.

    In the post, he stated that he was aware that some of the combatants were blaming the lack of a deputy governor on the woes bedeviling the chaotic house.

    "Majority of them wanasema ati (are saying that) the lack of deputy governor, Namimi nawaambia (I dare them...) to petition the Senate and National Assembly to expedite the county government amendment bill ikue (to be...) assented to by the President niwapatie (and I will give them) a deputy governor," he stated.

    This is not the first time Sonko is promising to nominate a governor.

    In April 2019, Sonko was reported to be under pressure from the senators to nominate a deputy governor to aid in the running of the county.

    The senators, led by Nominated Senator Beatrice Kwamboka, explained that it was wrong for Sonko to assume that he was above the law and to run the expansive county of Nairobi alone without a deputy.

    ''The actions of Sonko are disturbing and I beseech the MCAs to invoke their legislative authorities and oversight mandate to pile pressure on Sonko to pick a deputy,'' she was quoted by The Standard.

    On September 5, 2019, Sonko promised to name the governor in 24 hours time, only to turn around at the last minute.

    Governor Mike Sonko addressing the crowd. He alleged that some members of the County Assembly were blaming him for the woes at City Hall.