Uhuru Fiercely Attacks Critics After Public Outrage [VIDEO]

  • During the commissioning of the expressway from JKIA to Westlands on Wednesday, October 16, President Uhuru Kenyatta, fiercely responded to critics who questioned policies made by his administration.

    President Kenyatta fiercely defended the government's decision to go ahead with the second phase of the controversial infrastructure project describing the critics as foolish.

    "God willing, by the end of this year, we will develop trains that will transport cargo to Naivasha. I want to tell those questioning this project that there is nothing as bad as a foolish person.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta

    Long-distance truckers in Mombasa had protested a controversial directive by the government requiring all cargo to be rerouted to the SGR, a directive that was later to be set aside by the government after the sustained outcry.

    "Mr. President, it is either you are with us or not. Sisi hatutabembelezana. Sisi hatutakubali maziwa ya watoto wetu ipelekwe Naivasha. (We will not allow our children's milk (sic) to be taken to Naivasha, "Nyali MP Mohammed Ali was quoted stating.

    The president also stated that all Kenyans had an equal chance of acquiring opportunities in the country, in an indirect reference to the backlash he attracted after successively appointed people deemed to be of advanced age in important parastatal positions.

    He insisted on the need for there to be reciprocal respect between the youth and the older members of the population to maintain sanity. 

    "I want to say that respecting women is very important. Women are also part of this country.

    "Do not disrespect fellow Kenyans just because they are women, she has as much right as you and we need to be equal in the way we move forward," he remarked.

    Below is the video courtesy of Citizen TV;