Top 7 Dangerous Kenyan Counties to Drive in - NTSA

  • The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has listed Kenya's most dangerous counties to drive in.

    According to the latest Traffic Crashes report released on Monday, October 14, the authority ranked Nairobi as the most dangerous county to operate in as a motorist owing to its high accident rates.

    In the statistics covering January to October this year, the capital city recorded the highest fatalities (337), a decrease from the same period the previous year which recorded 344 deaths.

    Nairobi was followed by Kiambu and Nakuru counties which recorded 233 and 181 deaths respectively. 

    NTSA Traffic Crashes statistics ranking Nairobi as the most dangerous county to drive in. The report was released on Monday, October 14, 2019.

    Kiambu recorded a surge of 13 fatalities from the previous year while Nakuru had a reduction of 6 deaths.

    The other counties with high fatalities from the report included Machakos (168), Murang'a (105), Kakamega (102) and Makueni (92).

    The report also disclosed that men lost their lives on Kenyan roads 83% more than women.

    The statistics showed that 2,266 cases, of the 2,693‬ lives lost in road accident, were men while 427 were women.

    This was a significant rise when compared to 1,927 men and 406 women who lost their lives as a result of road crashes for the same period last year.

    It was also noted that most accidents were hit-and-runs (925 cases) followed by those characterised as 'losing control' (451 cases).