Babu Owino's Classmate Exposes His Sly Survival Tactics in High School

  • Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has, for years, embodied the University comrade persona and nothing further reinforces that fact more than the emerging high school revelations by some of his classmates.

    To celebrate the 55th Mashujaa Day on Sunday, October 20, the outspoken lawmaker took to social media to celebrate the warrior that he is captioning the message 'I love me'.

    "This man is my shujaa (hero). The first time to step in Nairobi in his life was in August 2007. I was elected a member of parliament in August 2017 in Nairobi at 29 years old and has four most important degrees.

    "I have touched the lives of many and will continue doing so. Babu you are my hero and the only person I would wish to be is me," Owino posted of himself.

    A throwback photo of Babu Owino who had to tutor his colleagues at Kisumu Boys High School in exchange for food.

    His former classmates at Kisumu Day High School, some of whom have grown to become legit doctors, responded praising him of lighting their paths by tutoring them mostly in science subjects.

    Speaking to, Owino disclosed that, whereas attending a day/boarding high school, he did not have the financial muscle to join the boarding division and had to tutor colleagues in exchange for food.

    "I attended a day school but I was poor to afford food on a daily basis so I taught my colleagues Maths, physics and other sciences in exchange for food.

    "I had to carry some of the food for supper, life was tough back then," he recounted.

    Narrating how the legislator impacted his life, Redix Rodgers disclosed that Owino was ruthless during their tutoring sessions while in primary school.

    "So the man who used to beat me daily in Nyalenda while teaching me Mathematics at Central Primary school, he was ahead of me and the talk of our ghetto. Mothers wanted us to emulate Ongili," posted Rodgers.

    "This young man would spare his 30 minutes each day in high school to teach me Mathematics in exchange for me allowing him to serve food in our boarding section," reminisced Chris Sunday. 

    His hard work has since paid off as the lawmaker emerged from that hardship rubble with an elective post in Parliament. 

    Below are screenshots from Babu Owino's high school classmate's tribute to the lawmaker: