How DCI Foiled Mashujaa Day Terror Attack in Mombasa

Details have emerged about how Kenya's security apparatus led by Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), foiled a terror attack that was planned for Mashujaa Day on Sunday, October 20.

Daily Nation, on Tuesday, October 22, reported that detectives foiled the plot on Tuesday, October 1, when they captured two terrorists and killed three others at a house in Mombasa.

According to the revelations, the two suspects, Bakari Chibonja and Athuman Nyae, had been deployed by Al Shabaab to attack key projects in the coastal town on the same day President Uhuru Kenyatta was scheduled to give an address.

Police at Tononoka Grounds in Mombasa on Sunday, October 20.

“It is believed that the suspects are members of Al Shabaab terrorism group with a wide network and is believed to have sent operatives within Mombasa to attack key government installations.

“Intelligence reports show that the accused persons and others who are still at large, were planning a major attack during Mashujaa Day in Mombasa using the assorted weapons recovered from their residence in Dudus,” the paper quoted Anti-Terror Police Unit investigator Dickson Indaru.

In an affidavit filed in a court of law in Mombasa, Indaru further disclosed that police believe Chibonja had been involved in a number of terror activities before his capture.

The two were accused of harbouring Swaleh Yusuf, Abdalla, Salama Salim Mohamed and Mkubwa Sadi Ramadhan who were shot dead during the police raid.

Ramadhan had earlier been charged with terror offenses in Mombasa but was set free after the prosecutor failed to provide satisfactory evidence.

The suspects, however, pleaded not guilty to the three terror-related charges including being members of the militant group.

President Uhuru Kenyatta gives an address during the 55th Mashujaa Day celebrations at Waterfront Park in Mombasa on Sunday, October 20, 2019.

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