IG Mutyambai Severely Punishes Daring Female Officer After Viral Video

  • Inspector-General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, on Tuesday, October 22, took stern action on a female officer whose rants about her woes in the police service went viral.

    Inspector-General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, on Tuesday, October 22, took a stern action on a daring female police officer who recently caused a stir.

    Mutyambai sent Jane Asimizi, on compulsory leave after she dared the IG to fire her, K24 reported.

    According to the National Police Service Commission chairperson, Eliud Kinuthia, Asimizi was sent on leave to allow for investigations into her alleged indiscipline as well as give her the opportunity to cool off.


    “We have ordered that she be subjected to psychiatric examination. We want to ascertain that she is of sound mind. What she said on tape last week is not typical of a normal law enforcement officer,” stated Kinuthia during a press conference.

    On Friday, October 18, Mutyambai had responded to the female officer's rant by ordering her immediate hospitalisation.

    "I issued instructions that the officer should be taken to the hospital for a psychiatric examination. As a police officer, she shouldn't have gone public and expressed her anger," he stated. 

    Asimizi had taken to the press, disclosing that her life as a law enforcer had taken a turn for the worst.

    The junior officer complained of harassment from her seniors, arguing that the bosses posted her on assignments that 'yielded no fruits'.

    Asimizi claimed that her bosses narrowed down on her because she belongs to the Turkana community, a marginalized group. 

    "Let my bosses in Jogoo, Nairobi, know that I have been frustrated enough as they keep posting me to safeguard containers. I am so stressed. I want to go and rare camel and sheep in Turkana," she protested.

    Her claims were however refuted by Western Deputy Regional Police Commander, Leonard Omollo who stated that Asimizi lied about being assigned to guard containers where national examinations were stored.

    A group of police officers in a parade. A junior officer who ranted publically was on Tuesday, October 22 sent on compulsory leave by the police boss Hillary Mutyambai.