IG Mutyambai Responds to Female Officers' Dramatic Dare

  • On Thursday, October 17, Jane Asimizi, a frustrated Administration Police officer stationed in Kakamega County dared Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai to fire her.

    Asimizi called for a press conference in Kakemega and vented her frustrations, revealing that her life as a law enforcer had taken a turn for the worst.

    The junior officer complained of harassment from her seniors, arguing that the bosses to whom she reports, posted her on assignments that yielded no fruits.

    he female police officer who on Thursday, October 17, warned IG Mutyambai not to push her to the extreme as she might use her weapon unlawfully.

    And on Friday, October 18, IG Mutyambai ordered for Asimizi's immediate hospitalisation.

    "I issued instructions that the officer should be taken to the hospital for a psychiatric examination. As a police officer, she shouldn't have gone public and expressed her anger," he stated. 

    Asimizi claimed that her bosses narrowed down on her because she belongs to the Turkana community, a marginalized group. 

    "Let my bosses in Jogoo, Nairobi, know that I have been frustrated enough as they keep posting me to safeguard containers. I am so stressed. I want to go and rare camel and sheep in Turkana," she protested.

    In response, Western Deputy Regional Police Commander, Leonard Omollo told K24 Digital that the officer lied about being assigned to guard containers where national examinations were stored.

    "I would like to state categorically that nobody deployed that [police] officer to guard that container,” Omollo ascertained.

    He went ahead and stated that Asimizi was deployed as an escort and that her outburst would be treated as indiscipline.

    "As a service, we have procedures for handling such cases. I won’t allow anyone to come up with a fabricated claim that I deployed a cop somewhere because I wanted money. I do not do that, and that won’t happen,” the police commander vowed. 

    Asimizi, in her claims, stated that her seniors transferred her from manning the national examination containers because they wanted a bribe from her, which she couldn't give. 

    In April 2019, Asbel Kiprop, a police officer and a former Olympics champion, dared the National Police Service to sack him and withdraw his firearm before he took matters into his hand and seek justice.

    IG Mutyambia subsequently met Kiprop and promised to take care of the mental health of the law enforcers.

    G Mutyambai after meeting Asbel Kiprop on April 30, 2019.