DPP Haji Bungles Case Against Ex-senior Govt Officer

  • On Wednesday, October 23, a case where former government chief pathologist Moses Njue was accused of operating an illegal medical training college failed to take off after the prosecution stated that it was inadequately prepared.

    The Daily Nation reported that some of the reasons given to Senior Principal Magistrate Phillip Mutua were that the file detailing Njue's case was too long and that the state prosecutor handling the case was not present.

    Another glaring problem was that all the witnesses the prosecution had lined up were not present. 

    Former chief government pathologist Moses Njue testifies in a Mombasa court on November 29, 2016 in an inquest into the death of British tycoon Harry Roy Veevers, who died mysteriously in 2013

    The prosecution in an earlier court hearing confirmed that nine witnesses had already recorded their evidence.

    The court also heard that the prosecution had eight more witnesses who were yet to testify in the criminal case that began in February 2018.

    Njue is charged alongside his wife Lucy Kanyiri, son Lemuel Muriithi and a former student of his named Evans Nyagaka.

    The son and student of the ex-chief pathologist separately face charges of assaulting four police officers, resisting arrest and obstructing the police from executing their duties.

    According to court proceedings, Njue's school known as Kings Medical College admitted students for training without the approval by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board (KMTLB).

    Njue's son, Muriithi and Nyagaka, a former student, were said to have blocked KMLTB officials who were in the company of police officers from accessing the school.

    The offence committed by Njue and his three co-accused was reported to have taken place between January 1 and January 29, 2016.

    From right, Former government pathologist, Moses Njue, Lucy Kanyiri, Evans Nyagaka and Lemuel Muriithi (Njue’s son) before Nyeri Senior Principal Magistrate’s court where they are charged with operating a medical college illegally.