Sonko Exposes Tony Gachoka's Controversial Footage Cut Out of Live TV [VIDEO]

  • Many Kenyans were left aghast after media personality Tony Gachoka, the host of Point Blank with TG on KTN News, came to a live screening of the show seemingly drunk.

    In an excerpt from the interview streamed live by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who was the guest at the show on 23, October 2019, Gachoka was seen struggling to properly articulate himself, a matter that got many in an uproar.

    The excerpt streamed from his Facebook page was different from the one aired by KTN News at 9.45 PM when the show was live on air, where Gachoka appeared more composed than he had been during the live stream.

    Tony Gachoka with Mike Sonko during the unaired episode of Point Blank with Tony Gachoka. The seemingly drunk Gachoka found it hard to articulate himself during the interview.

    Sonko was addressing issues to do with land grabbing and land recovery efforts in the city, where he was detailing the process he had undertaken in conjunction with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to restore the land to their original owners.

    Gachoka, however, did not seem to be following what Sonko was talking about, forcing the Nairobi Governor to question whether they were speaking from the same wavelength.

    "I don't know if you are actually getting what I am saying to you. It seems as if I have already thrown you off the radar," the patient Sonko posed.

    When the show on KTN News began airing, Sonko pleaded with Gachoka to grant him more leeway to explain himself, stating that the matters he was addressing were sensitive.

    "I want to plead with you to give me time to explain to Kenyans what I am talking about and also to clear my name given the allegations I'm making are very serious," he stated.

    Kenyans, however, took the opportunity to castigate the TV station and the show host for allowing the episode to air despite the dazed status of the host.

    "This guy looks so drunk. This is disgust to the journalist fraternity and KTN news. His contract should be terminated with immediate effect," a user posted.

    "Surely as much as we all know that TG has a problem with alcoholism, is it right to expose him in such a manner?" another user asked the TV station.

    Others found humor in the situation.

    "Is it that am not sober or this KTN News got a new show?" one quipped.

    "I think in this show Point Blank, I am drunk, (sic) but I think Tony Gachoka and Mike Sonko are more drunk than I am," another posed.