Citizen TV News Anchor Giving Ezekiel Mutua Sleepless Nights

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has picked a fight with Citizen TV over its Friday night show 10 Over 10 and its host Willis Raburu.

Mutua on Saturday, October, 26 took to Facebook to attack the show and its host over what he termed as filthy and immoral content.

He expressed concern and claimed his hands were tied as he could not ban the show because it aired outside the watershed period of between 5am and 10pm.

Citizen TV's Willis Raburu and KFCB boss Ezekial Mutua

"Every Friday evening I am inundated with complaints about 10 Over 10's filth on Citizen TV by Willis Raburu. Many Kenyans believe that KFCB should ban the program because of immoral content. I feel them and I wish I had the power under the law to ban the obscenity.

"I personally have serious issues with this program and have condemned it in no uncertain terms. But you see, 10 Over 10 comes past 10pm, meaning it's outside the watershed period," Mutua wrote.

"Our regulatory mandate as per the law is restricted to that period. Past 10pm, no underage children should be watching TV without the guidance of the parent, let alone going to an immoral live TV show at that late hour," he added.

Mutua described the show as a night club on TV.

He went on to give urge Kenyans that if they boycotted 10 Over 10, the show would be cancelled. .

"Do not abrogate your role as a parent or citizen to others. Do your part. Deny Citizen TV audience, particularly the Willis Raburu crap and it will go off the air. Even a more fundamental question is whose children are these on such live TV discotheque? If their parents don't care why should I?" Mutua ranted.

He concluded by stating that the show was a reflection of the rot in society. Mutua recalled an incident where a pastor insulted people on live TV, adding that politicians who uttered obscenities against each other were still reelected. 

"There's a problem of lack of moral values in Kenya and it's the main cause of all our challenges. Media and the content it feeds our children on is a major catalyst to the immorality and KFCB is doing all it can to bring sanity, but we need the support of all Kenyans of goodwill to restore moral values in society," he stated with finality.

Guets dance during the 10 over 10 show.

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