Uhuru Throws Jab at Maraga After Outburst

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday, November 5, made a passing comment about the Judiciary after Chief Justice David Maraga's outburst on Monday.

    Maraga called for a press conference at the Supreme Court on Monday, where he decried how the Judiciary was being affected by Treasury budget cuts.

    Seemingly replying to Maraga, the president stated that he would call on the Judiciary, 'if they so desire' to help solve disputed tax cases.

    CJ David Maraga and marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge. The CJ decried the Judiciary being affected by Treasury budget cuts.

    "I've been made aware that over 1,000 legal cases with disputed tax of over Sh300 billion are awaiting hearing and determination at the Tax Tribunal and other superior courts, the majority of these cases have been pending for more than two years representing a significant bottleneck in the tax administration process.

    "I call on the Judiciary 'if they so desire' to strive to determine those disputes expeditiously without fear or favour," the president stated.

    The Chief Justice had lamented how his office was being disrespected and its mandate interfered with by other arms of government.

    "I will now choose which state functions to attend as I’m always treated contemptuously like it happened during Mashujaa Day where my presence was not even acknowledged. I was allowed on to the stage through a side door.

    "The CJ has no Mercedes car as we were told its wastage yet the two Speakers of the National Assembly have them. I have never owned a Mercedes myself and I am not bothered by that. However, let the office of the CJ be treated like every other office including President Uhuru Kenyatta's office," Maraga ranted.

    He further indicated that he was out to seek solutions to woes the Judiciary faced and would not give up in his resolve.

    CJ David Maraga, Governor Mike Sonko and other leaders at the Mashujaa Day celebration in Mombasa on October 20, 2019