Uhuru Makes Stunning Admission About His Father Before The Clergy [VIDEO]

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday, November 8, made an admission about his father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to the audience that included members of the clergy.

    He was addressing an audience at the State House in Nairobi after he received a report on the state of Female Genital Mutation (FGM) in the country.

    The president admitted that in the 1920s his father rode on the ban FGM to launch his political career. He(Mzee Jomo Kenyatta) opposed the ban.

    “Kuna kitu baba yangu alifanya, kwa sababu wakati huo ilikuwa inafaa na siwezi fanya saa hii… tuambiane ukweli, Alikuwa anasimamia hii mambo (There is something my father did because at that time, it was necessary but I can't do it now. Let's be honest. He used to be in charge of enforcing FGM),” Uhuru admitted.

    president Kenyatta shakes hands with some of the visitors at State House Naiirobi on Friday November 8

    Uhuru, however, noted that Mzee Kenyatta enforced the tradition as a means to protest the erosion of Kenyan culture by colonialists, who had, at that time, infiltrated the Kenyan borders, and imposed their rule on the citizens.

    He proceeded to reveal that the world has evolved since then, and such practices belonged in the past and were an insult to Kenya’s national conscience.

    “The practice no longer has a place within our Kenyan society,” Uhuru added, indicating his personal opinion over the matter.

    He urged community leaders to let go of the outdated practice which already served its purpose, back in the colonial days.

    The Head of State also reminded the audience that women were a fundamental part of the society, contrary to the belief that their place was in the kitchen.

    Referring to the just-released 2019 census results, the President acknowledged the continued increase of women’s impact on society, especially with their high population numbers as compared to men.

    Below is the video courtesy of NTV.