One Thing Chris Kirubi Values More Than All His Money

  • There is a common belief that nothing sways a rich man's more than the vastness of his property but revered Kenyan billionaire Chris Kirubi begs to differ.

    In a 2011 interview with Africa's leading business magazine, Forbes, the billionaire disclosed that he does not really care about his money if other people are not benefiting from it.

    In fact, he stated that he found so much satisfaction in seeing people draw salaries from his firms than he got from his own earnings.

    Kenyan Billionaire Chris Kirubi.

    “People say I am one of the richest people in Kenya, but that’s not my concern. I mean, they say I am a god of sorts, but I don’t agree.

    “When I look around at my companies and see the number of people we have employed, it gives me joy. It is more satisfying than having all the money in the world.”

    This has pushed the tycoon into catering for the youth, who he believes are an integral part of the economy, through mentorship programmes so that they can also create employment.

    "I mentor a lot of young people. These youths are on Facebook and Twitter. I give them advice and tips on how to succeed in business and in life," he told the publication.

    To achieve success the way he has, however, Kirubi revealed that he pursued opportunities that were in line with his vision.

    "Whatever opportunity you decide to take should be in line with your vision. When I look at the opportunities that come my way, I ask myself, will it add value to a business or individual? If I cannot add value or contribute to some sort of growth then I won't take it.

    "I'm known to be very direct and I truly believe that there’s real power in being straight to the point. As an entrepreneur, you will learn that it's important to share your honest truth at all times. This not only makes you credible and trustworthy but it sets you free," he advised.

    The businessman owns various enterprises, including International House, Tiger Haco Industries, Capital FM and DHL Kenya.

    Raila Odinga (left) when he visited Chris Kirubi while he was receiving treatment in the US in May 2018. Kirubi revealed that he accidentally discovered he had cancer.