Eric Omondi Discloses Troubled Life of Dead Churchill Comedian

  • Celebrated Kenyan comedian, Eric Omondi on Monday, November 11, opened up on the troubled life of the late Churchill show comedian Njenga Mswahili.

    Speaking on Radio Milele, the recently crowned African King of comedy revealed that Mswahili was battling serious depression for three years leading up to his sad demise.

    "The last I remember, I heard that Njenga was born again and that he had started going around preaching, a few months later I met him at the former Nakumatt Junction where he went on to tell me that he was not doing well," Omondi stated.

    "We were at the supermarket section where I went on to pick out a few items for him, only to hear that he was arrested a month later for shoplifting," he added.

    Njenga Mswahili performing on Churchill Show on May 16, 2019.

    Omondi went on to lament on how Mswahili had been crying out for help in his battle with depression for over three years but no one came to his aid.

    "I also blame myself for assuming he'll be alright especially due to the natural habit of assuming men can battle themselves out of any situation," Omondi decried.

    He went on to confess that the sad demise of the Churchill Show comedian had hurt him deeply as he saw it happen gradually over the years but simply assumed everything would work out in the end.

    "Njenga was crying out for help during his darkest times but everyone -including me, was simply too busy with our own lives to lend a hand, it's like we have lost our humanity," Omondi confessed.

    He further added that individuals in the public limelight battled serious depression on their own, in fear of judgement and that having a mentor to help one navigate the murky water of life on the fast lane could be the difference between life and death.

    Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi.