Aisha Jumwa's Education Comes Back to Haunt Her

On November 11, while addressing the media on the state of Kilifi County, Kilifi North MP Owen Baya poked holes into Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa's academic qualifications.

Baya argued that for Aisha Jumwa to become Kilifi's governor, she needed to convince the people of Kilifi that she had a university degree.

"Aisha first needs to convince us that she has a degree, whether that degree is only on paper or also in the head. If she does, she needs to tell us how she got it," Baya remarked.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi on the vendetta of a principled politician and one with no principles, Baya alleged that Jumwa had an idea of advancing the positions of an individual, not based on ideas, principles or philosophies.

He accused Jumwa of undyingly supporting 'someone's presidential ambitions.

"Mahatma Gandhi stated that a politician without principles can become very very dangerous and I think we have come to see how dangerous Aisha can become," Baya claimed.

From parliamentary records, Aisha Jumwa attained a Certificate in county governance from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in 2012.

The records reveal that Jumwa completed her primary education in 1990 from Takaungu primary school, however, she sat for her KCSE in 2011 at the Nyali Senior School.

Baya also took a swipe into old politicians who were struggling to revive what he termed as 'dead' careers. He made reference to the Ministry of Lands CAS, Gideon Mung'aro.

"We have old people who are struggling to revive their political careers. I hear there is a guy called Mung'aro he wants to revive his dead political career. He wants to come in but he has no idea. He still has the same old Moi, Kanu thinking." He argued.

In the October Ganda ward by-elections, the former ODM-turned DP William Ruto supporter was involved in an altercation where a scuffle ensued leaving an uncle to the incumbent Ganda ward MCA, Reuben Katana, dead.

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