Millie Odhiambo Denies Links With Handshake Team in Angry Rant

  • Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo has distanced herself from Team Embrace, a group of women leaders who support President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga's handshake.

    Through her Facebook account, the outspoken MP stated that she is neither associated to the said team or 'Inua Mama', a group allied to Deputy President William Ruto.

    The lawmaker made the statement on Tuesday, November 12, after The Standard newspaper alleged that she was a member of Team Embrace.

    A screengrab of the Standard newspaper on Tuesday, November 12

    On the publication's cover story headlined 'Women MPs in Nasty Fights Over Ruto, Raila', the MPs photo had been included in a list of members of the pro-handshake group. 

    "Standard newspaper learn to be factual. As much as I have nothing against Embrace or Inua Mama, I have never been associated with either group," an excerpt of the statement read.

    Further, she urged the publication to correct the information or prove her wrong.

    "Put a photo of me in any meeting of either group to disprove me. I operate solo by choice," she stated.

    In the story, former Gichugu MP Martha Karua noted that the back and forth insults between the female leaders in both teams, was the saddest thing in the political scene at the moment.

    "The most unfortunate thing happening in the Kenyan political space right now is the women parliamentarians agreeing to be the praise choir for male groupings seeking to succeed the current president," the NARC Kenya Party leader stated. 

    Former Gichugu MP Martha Karua on Monday, November 11 criticised female leaders fro being cheerleaders to their male counterparts.

    Karua's sentiments came after several months of gruelling campaigns and countrywide tours by the two factions as they drummed up support for their favourite leaders.