Kalonzo is Forming Pact With Ruto - Alfred Mutua

  • Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, on Wednesday, November 13, alleged that former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka was working with Deputy President William Ruto.

    During an interview on Radio Citizen, Mutua revealed that he had received word that Kalonzo had jumped into the DP Ruto bandwagon.

    The Machakos governor was tasked with explaining his allegations. "But he expressed his desire to work with the president?" Mutua was asked.

    Governor Alfred Mutua, when he joined ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga to drum up support for Imran Okoth in the November 7, Kibra by-election

    "If so, why did he not come out to support Imran Okoth? He knows this was the handshake candidate?" Mutua posed.

    "Why have his whereabouts been secretive? Where was he when we were in Kibra campaigning for Okoth? He went underground," the governor added.

    He shed light upon the much anticipated BBI report when he alleged that the deputy president was not ready to play second fiddle in 2022, adding that a pact between the DP and former VP would make Kalonzo Ruto's junior.

    "It becomes a bit confusing to our people. I am telling my fellow Kamba people, Ruto is determined to become the president of this country, so he (Kalonzo) has already given up," Mutua insisted.

    On the issue of political pacts, the previous day, the Machakos County chief had stated "The only alliance or BBI I'm interested in is one that shapes the economic status in Kenya for the better. One that will roll back poverty, create employment and ensure that people have money in the pocket.

    "While I support an expanded government, I also suggest a reduction of some government positions. We should also reduce the cost of running the government. There has to be a balance. This can be done. I trust that will be addressed in the BBI," Mutua tweeted during the interview.

    While speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on phone after his interview on Radio Maisha, he elaborated shed light on why he supported BBI without having knowledge of its contents. According to him, the spirit behind BBI was enough to convince Kenyans that it was in the best interest of the nation.