Kiss FM Upsets Radio Industry With Crucial Installation

Radio Africa Group's leading radio station, Kiss FM, installed a modern broadcasting tool that only one more radio station in Kenya has.

Radio World, a website that publishes information on tech and gear including latest tech inventions reported on Thursday, November 14, that Kiss FM recently introduced one of the latest broadcast equipments in its studio.

The mixing console installed by Kiss FM is known as RƎLAY Virtual Radio system from Lawo, a company that deals in the manufacturing of broadcast equipment and theatrical applications among other audio tools.

The newly installed RƎLAY mixing console at Kiss FM studios.

The RƎLAY Virtual Radio system is a radio mixer that runs on a standard personal computer or even a laptop.

This makes it easy to use compared to the physical audio mixers and controllers that fill up spaces in studios.

RƎLAY is also fitted with all the professional tools needed in a live broadcasting studio even making outdoor broadcasting much easier.

The newly installed tech gear can handle voice processing and mix-minus, an audio signal that is carefully designed to avoid feedback and echo in a conference, studio or telephone interface application.

Basically, with the newly installed broadcasting software, Kiss FM can build an entire broadcast studio on a single touchscreen PC.

The software also allows Kiss FM to easily run broadcast productions that a traditional radio station using a traditional console can not unless aided with additional hardware.

A tradional mixing console used in most radio stations in Kenya.