MPs Raise Concern Over Ex-KDF Major's Murdered Family

Two legislators have raised concern over increased cases of gender and domestic violence and murders.

Kitui Woman Representative Irene Kasalu and Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna linked depression among couples to instances where domestic squabbles mutated to homicides.

The ongoing investigation into the murders of Joyce Syombua and her children Shanice Maua and Prince Michael, suspected to have been carried out by her estranged husband former KDF Major Peter Mugure, triggered the outcry from the MPs.

Kitui Women Rep Irene Kasalu.

According to Citizen Digital, the legislators want the government to set up counselling departments in all hospitals. 

“Counseling could be a possible solution to help end domestic violence,” Kasalu insisted as she warned women in abusive relationships or marriages not to stay until its too late.

“They should leave the relationship once they see any possible signs of abuse,” Kasalu advised.

However, mental health practitioner Dr Chitayi Murabula cautioned Kenyans from jumping into conclusions when figuring out what may lead to murders such as the one Mugure is accused off. 

"Any mental condition in a severe form can lead a person to commit suicide or a gruesome murder. It could be schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or even a bipolar disorder. There are court procedures put in place to determine whether a suspect is mentally ill or not," Chitayi informed.

The psychologist further added that the Mental Act of 1989 gazetted all public hospitals as mental health centres. 

On the other hand, Mwingi West MP was of the opinion that counselling centres would assist those suffering from depression and other psychological issues to leap out of them.

"All public hospitals must have either a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse because ordinary Kenyans cannot afford private mental health medication," Chitayi added. 

The bodies of Syombua and her two children were found buried in a shallow grave within Thingithu Estate in Nanyuki, after the arrest of Mugure on Saturday, November 16, 2019.

Mugure and Collins Pamba, a cleaner based at Laikipia Airbase, were arraigned in court on Monday, November 18, for the mentioning of the murder case against them. 

The ex-KDF soldier who was dismissed from his military post in connection with the gruesome murder was detained for 21 days pending investigations.

Kitui West MP Charles Nguna.

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