Inside Ngina Kenyatta's Exclusive Restaurant

  • Ngina Kenyatta, President Uhuru Kenyatta's only daughter, on May 5, 2018,  joined the list of young entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry, in the country.

    Ngina launched her very own, posh and exclusive restaurant christened the Green Experience which is located at the family's tea estate in Lari, Kiambu county.

    This was, reportedly, President Uhuru Kenyatta's residential home in the '80s.

    She launched the fine establishment in a private event that was attended by family, among them KICC chief executive Nana Gecaga.

    A dining table at the Green Experience, Ngina Kenyatta's restaurant located at the Kenyatta's tea farm in Lari, Kiambu.

    In an Instagram post, the KICC chief executive praised the restaurant for the scenery and the educational tour of the tea farm and insights into the variety of tea samples grown at the farm, and in the country.

    "So yesterday I got to be part of #TheGreenExperience which is an afternoon spent at a breathtaking location where you are first educated and able to sample all the special varieties of teas now being grown in Kenya…then treated to a 5-course meal each paired with a specific wine (for those of you that don't drink you have wonderful juices and other beverages)," the post read. 

    A section of the Green Experience. The cabin provides a clear view of the green scenery surrounding the restaurant.

    The restaurant employs one of Kenya's latest chefs to grace the industry and the host, a great architectural designer with an amazing eye for detail.

    "The food is prepared by one of Kenya’s newest and hottest chefs to hit the market and the host who looks after you is again one of Kenya’s latest architectural designers who has not held back on attention to details and your surroundings," she added.

    Gecaga attributed the ownership of the restaurant to Ngina.

    Here are more photos of the restaurant.

    Hosts tend to the restaurant.
    A meal sample at the restaurant
    A meal sample at the restaurant
    Glasses and cocktails at the restaurant