City Lawyer Jumps to Death From 8th Floor

  • A lawyer based in Mombasa, Sammy Anyanzwa, committed suicide by jumping off the eighth floor of a government building.

    A correspondent based in the area told that the fatal incident occurred at around 10:30 am on Wednesday, November 20, 2019. 

    "He is said to have made transactions on the first floor of the Ministry of Land offices and then used the lift to the eighth floor, where he committed suicide," the source told our newsdesk.

    A lawyer based in Mombasa, Sammy Anyanzwa, who committed suicide on Wednesday, November 20.

    Mombasa Police Commander Eliud Monari stated that the lawyer died after jumping throw a window from a building called Uhuru na Kazi, opposite the Mombasa law courts.

    “It is unclear why he threw himself off the building but we have launched investigations,” he told journalists.

    The 69-year-old was pronounced dead on reaching Pandya Hospital, where he was taken by good samaritans.

    According to Daily Nation, the lawyer is said to have been displeased after perusing through a file at the Ministry of Lands.

    “It is still unclear what the file contained but we are investigating," an officer from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation told the publication.

    The lawyer's body was taken to the Pandya Memorial Hospital mortuary.