Uhuru Surprises Workers with Impromptu Visit

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday, November 22 made a surprise visit to the Naivasha Dry Port construction site catching the contractor and the workers off guard.

    The president who was on his way back to Nairobi after officiating the fourth graduation ceremony of the Kibabii University in Bungoma county.

    During the visit, the president went on to inspect the construction process of one of the major projects of his presidency besides having a side chat with the Chinese workers.

    President Kenyatta inspects the Naivasha dry port after impromtu visit on November 22

    President Kenyatta also seemed to enjoy the company of the construction workers at the dry port as he was pictured fist bumping some of them as he was inspecting their work.

    Earlier in the day, the president had addressed the graduands of the Kibabaii University where he spoke about the Building Bridges Initiative report that is set to be released on Tuesday, November 26.

    In the ceremony, he urged politicians not to use the report to divide Kenyans as the committee had been set up to unite the country for the future.

    He further cautioned Kenyans who tend to rely on the politicians' interpretation of important documents not to follow the same trend and ensure they read the report themselves before deciding on it.

    “It is only an ignorant person who will say there are no issues in this country that require to be addressed. Let us address them as adults, as civilized human beings, let us appreciate that we may have divergent views but our objective is to make our motherland better," President Kenyatta stated.

    He promised that all Kenyans would know the contents of the report because enough copies of the document would be made available. 

    “This morning (Friday, November 22) I received notification from the chairman of the BBI process who told me they have finished it and they would like to hand over it to me.

    "I told them to bring it on Tuesday (November 26) and I assure you as soon as I receive it, I will read it and at the same time I will give it to all Kenyans to read it,” Kenyatta added.

    He expressed hope that through the report, Kenyans would get a chance to improve the country by strengthening the nation's governance architecture.

    President kenyatta chats uwith chinese workers at the dry port on November 22