Cate Waruguru Defies Uhuru in Latest Outburst [VIDEO]

Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru on Saturday, November 23, urged Kenyans to reject the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report despite President Uhuru Kenyatta's warning to politicians to stop debating it before its contents are made public.

Speaking in Tharaka Nithi County, the woman rep stated that Kenyans should not be intimidated when leaders go scouting in various constituencies to urge Kenyans to support the report.

"Those who have been handed jobs in offices, especially the Ministry of Interior, think that they have the power to rule the country, yet they cannot garner up to five votes.

"You are the people who know what is happening on the ground and hence a person who has gotten a job after a ten-minute interview, cannot know what is happening with the common mwananchi," she stated.

Laikipia Woman Rep Cate Waruguru speaking in Tharaka Nthi on Saturday, November 23

"We want to tell these people that Kenyan citizens are not stupid and if they did not send money when children were unable to pay school fees, then, even when they come to you about the BBI, use their money but reject the report," she spoke.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday, November 22 announced that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report would be handed to him on Tuesday, November 26.

The head of state, who was speaking during Kibabii University's graduation ceremony in Bungoma County, urged Kenyans to carefully read the proposals in the document before deciding whether or not to support it. 

He further warned the public against depending on politicians to interpret the document for them, explaining that they would be the ones to face the consequences of their decisions.

During a meeting with Mt Kenya leaders at Sagana State Lodge on November 15, President Kenyatta laughed off those who were arguing about the BBI report, claiming that he had not even gone through it to know its contents.

"I am only seeing people talking about BBI. I have not seen it but I hear it has supporters and opposers," he remarked.

Residents of Tharaka Nthi at a function on Saturday, November 23