Autopsy Reveals How Star Journalist Met Gruesome Death

Ab autopsy carried out on the body of the slain  The Star journalist  Eric Oloo on Saturday, November 23, has shade more light on how gruesome his death was.

According to a report by Daily Nation, the results showed that he suffered trauma in both his head and abdomen.

The exercise was carried out by two pathologists from Siaya and Busia referral hospitals at Same Day Classmate Private Mortuary in Sega.

The pathologists, Gabriel Juma of Siaya Referral Hospital and Cedric Tumbo from Busia Referral Hospital disclosed that chances were high that the trauma was caused by a beating from a blunt object.

Journalist Eric Oloo who was found dead inside Ugunja Deputy OCS Sabrina Kerubo's home on Thursday, November 21.

Juma further added that Oloo suffered immense bleeding from the brain during his last moments.

“There was a rupture of the spleen that led to bleeding in the abdomen,” he stated.

Family representatives of the interested parties were present during the exercise.

Oloo was found dead inside a police officer's house on Thursday, November 21 and detectives are investigating an alleged love triangle after he suffered deep stab wounds on his body.

Ugunja Deputy OCS Sabina Kerubo, who is the main suspect in the murder, and her boyfriend were arrested hours after the body was found in her house.

Three other people were taken into police custody in connection with the incident including two brothers who allegedly ganged up to beat the correspondent up.

Lucy Atieno, the wife to deceased The Star journalist Eric Oloo who was found dead inside a police officers house in Siaya on Thursday, November 21, 2019
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