DP Ruto's Controversial Statement Leaves Egg on His Face [VIDEO]

  • Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday, November 24, attacked ODM leader Raila Odinga and his allies over what he called a calculated plot to stop him from contributing to churches across the country.

    Speaking at the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) in Thika, Kiambu County, the DP took issue with the leaders whom he alleged were on a selfish mission to police the church for their own benefit.

    "In politics, people get to a point where they are drunk with power. One gets lavished with so many names like his excellency, his highness, Baba, that they get drunk with power and are convinced that they are the most important people on earth," the DP stated.

    DP Ruto at the On Sunday, November 24.

    He sensationally added that it was the 'drunkenness' that convinced the politicians to take issue with the bible and its recommendations to the point of moving motions in parliament to rein in on parts that they did not agree with.

    "That is why you see so many people coming together in Nairobi, led by Mtu Wa Vitendawili (Raila) and his allies to decide that the bible has not been well written. They speak amongst themselves to take the bible to the parliament and ratify it," the DP mocked.

    The Deputy President was speaking in reference to various calls by leaders to have him divulge the source of the money that he contributed to churches every Sunday.

    Raila has on more than one occasion claimed that the churches were used as a conduit for money laundering and asked for the church authorities to take action and regulate donations in churches by politicians.

    Many were not impressed by the sentiments issued by the Deputy President, however, and they took to social media to castigate the DP for his statements.

    "You are the one who is drunk DP Ruto. You mean to tell me that you cannot go to any meeting and fail to mention Raila?" a user named Machete complained.

    "What people want to know is the source of the hundreds of millions in Harambee donations, that's all. Even Safaricom the largest company in Eastern Africa will go bankrupt with the level of your Harambee donations," another added.

    A screenshot of some of the reactions to DP Ruto's sentiments on Sunday, November 24.

    "This man plays to the gallery! He does talk about issues at hand he glosses over issues!! You can't mix the bible and abuses if you are a true Christian," Amakanji Thomas weighed in.