Njugush Discloses How Son's Cheeky Move Embarrassed Wife in Church

  • Toddlers in their innocense have done embarrassing acts but none beats an instance by the son to renowned comedian Timothy Ndegwa Kimani popularly known as Njugush.

    Recounting the incident, Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda told Kenyans.co.ke, how their bundle of joy embarrassed his mother after he pulled her wig off.

    "My son pulled my wig in church, I was so embarrassed but my lines were well done," celestine alias Wakavinye narrated between bouts of giggles.


    Njugush quickly chipped in as he agreed she was lucky that the cornrows beneath the wig were neat enough.

    She went on to explain how she recovered from the embarrassment, swiftly picking the wig up and putting it back on as her spouse helped her adjust it, obviously being supportive in that situation.

    "As our son got hold of the wig, he was probably wondering, 'what is this that I never see you in while back home.' I turned back and assured other faithful that we were okay" the comedian joked.

    The former Real House Help of Kawangware actor further gave another instance in which a fan who was excited to bump into him ended up ruining her shortlived moment of glory. 

    I was in town and then this fan, came out of nowhere screaming my name and hugged me unexpectedly.

    The worst part, however, is that the lady was bigger and heavier than him and before he knew it they were both on the ground.

    "Imagine this was in broad daylight, in the CBD just near Insurance Plaza," he stated.

    Here's a video of Njugusha and his wife's narration.