Man Shot Dead Trying to Steal Officer's Gun [VIDEO]

  • An unidentified man was gunned down by police in Bondeni, Mombasa on Thursday, November 28 after he was involved in an altercation with one of the officers.

    A report published by Citizen Digital indicates that the man had tried to violently rob an officer of his firearm, just before he was killed.

    The incident reportedly took place along Digo road outside Gulf Bank, Mombasa, with the altercation believed to have taken place at the bank's entrance.

    Mombasa Urban Police Commander Eliud Monari, issued a statement on the same, during which he confirmed that the suspect had assaulted the officer with a rock.

    Mombasa Urban Police Commander Eliud Monari

    "The suspect assaulted the officer from behind with a stone. The officer fell unconscious and the man proceeded to try to make away with the officer's firearm, he narrated.

    Fortunately, the gun was safely secured in a sling and the suspect was unable to get it off the officer who regained his consciousness and fatally shot the unidentified man.

    He went on to reveal that the suspect did not have any identification documents in his person when they checked him before sending him to the morgue.

    The officer reportedly sustained some minor injuries on his neck and leg following the dramatic scuffle.

    It is not yet clear whether the man was looking to force his way into the bank or not.