EXCLUSIVE: Generous Package DJ Joe Mfalme Pocketed From US Military

  • Deejay Joe Mfalme is a force to reckon with in the country's entertainment industry if what he makes is anything to go by.

    In an exclusive sit down with Kenyans.co.ke, the celebrated entertainer pegged the highest earning of his career at Ksh250,000.

    He narrated that he got the chance to play at the United States 144th Military anniversary in Kenya where he pocketed the lumpsum after playing for only three hours.

    "The highest I have ever received is Ksh250,000 and that was for three hours. Making such an amount is not so regular, that comes around the New Year's eve or extremely high-end events.

    DJs Jonny Celeb of K24 TV's The Switch and Joe Mfalme at Kenyans.co.ke offices on Wednesday, November 27, 2019.

    "I have done tours in the US and they do not pay as much. This is because the events are organised by Kenyan promoters and are largely made of Kenyan audiences," he explained.

    He further revealed that after performing at the military event, he created a cordial friendship with the US Embassy and has been receiving gigs ever since.

    To get to the top, however, Mfalme confided that it was never easy given that he had to put up with playing at events for free. He credits his massive success to his great passion for the art.

    His challenges began right at home where he had to disguise his love for deejaying with some other career.

    "At first, I experienced issues of guys accepting my career choice, so I had to create a story that I was coming to Nairobi for school.

    "When I came to Nairobi, I started it as a hobby and when I went back home in Meru, I would play some jam sessions in clubs," he remarked.

    He made the decision to fully concentrate on deejaying as a career after his first-ever paid gig, never mind that he made a humble Ksh600 from the event.

    "I decided to take it up as a career after I did my first gig and got paid. I decided to make it full-time since I would be paid for doing what I love," he continued.

    Before settling in the DJ gear, Mfalme disclosed that he had eyed a career in becoming a military pilot.

    Mfalme, whose big break the came in 2010 when he won Pilsner Mfalme Hottest Media DJ, works at Capital FM.