Two Dreaded 'Wakali Kwanza' Gangsters Killed in Night of Drama

  • As cases of Wakali Kwanza gang attacks in Mombasa increased, two suspects were killed in separate incidents on December 2.

    In the development first reported by the Daily Nation, police officers gunned down one suspect in Bamburi Mwisho are of Kisauni at around 1 a.m. before another suspect was lynched by a mob in Mrima are of Likoni hours later.

    However, Kisauni Police Commander Julius Kiragu informed the media that seven suspected members of the Wakali Kwanza gang escaped and the police had launched to apprehend the members of the dreaded gang. 

    Vehicles from Nyali Police Station in Bamburi on August 5, 2019 after a gang stormed the area.

    “One other suspect escaped with gun injuries,” Kiragu is quoted in the Daily Nation.

    About 4 hours later, members of the public lynched a second suspect in Likoni after he was nabbed stealing from residents at around 5.30 a.m.

    On November 24, tension ran high in Kisauni and Nyali in Mombasa after renewed attacks by machete-wielding gangs left 10 people seriously injured.

    According to the Daily Nation, one of the victims had his leg chopped off by the criminals while other victims suffered deep cuts on their heads, hands, legs and other parts of their bodies in the attacks. 

    “We had to put the leg in a carton as we carried the victim to the hospital after the morning attack,” Henry Kahindi narrated to the publication.

    Mr Andrew Murithi, one of the victims of attacks, recovers at Coast General Hospital on November 24, 2019

    On August 5, the Wakali kwanza gang attacked residents in Bamburi area leaving several nursing injuries.

    This was followed by a major operation by the police to smoke out the members of the notorious group leading to the killing of one suspect known as Boyka who was among three members of the dreaded gang that had been on the police radar for some time.

    On November 5, 14 youths and a woman, believed to be members of another machete-wielding criminal gang - Wakali Chee - were also arrested in Vietnam, Bombolulu area, Nyali Constituency.

    As the attacks intensify, a new gang named “86 Battalion” is believed to be the recent entrant in the unabated terror being meted on Mombasa residents.