Waititu's Deputy Faces Impeachment

  • Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro has found himself between a rock and a hard place after a motion was filed to kick him out of office.

    The words he uttered on Friday, November 22, might come back to haunt him as one of the reasons given for his impeachment was that he could not work with the embattled Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

    According to the motion, seen by Kenyans.co.ke, other grounds given for his impeachment were gross violation of the law by assuming the office of the governor and mental incapacity to perform the duties of a deputy governor.

    Kiambu acting Governor James Nyoro addresses the media at the county headquarters in August 2019. On Friday, November 22, he insisted on not working with Waititu

    "In accordance with Standing Order 86 as read together with Article 179, 181 and 182 of the Constitution and Section 33 of the County Governments Act 2012, this assembly resolves to remove the deputy governor on the following grounds (listed above)," read the motion received by the assembly's clerk on December 3.

    The motion was sponsored by Witeithie MCA Julius Taki.

    If the motion is passed, it would leave the county government in limbo as Governor Waititu is barred from accessing his office. 

    Nyoro had earlier alleged that he was not willing to work with his boss and if the county chief was to be allowed back to office, then he (the DG) would quit.

    Governor Waititu on November 30, expressed hope of getting back to his official duties as the county chief and operate from his headquarters. 

    “I have been praying to get my leadership power back and these prayers are getting answered soon. I believe I will be back to the office within the month of December,” remarked Waititu while speaking in Limuru.

    “There are people I carried on my back to clinch power. They used my ride to get to their offices in the County Government of Kiambu but later became betrayal chiefs.

    “We know them and how they have worked hard to bring me down. We are eventually fighting our way out and we shall emerge victoriously,” added Waititu.

    The Motion filed by Julius Taki on December 3 to have DG Nyoro kicked out of office