Weatherman Cautions Kenyans Over More Floods

  • The Kenya Metrological Department on Wednesday, December 4 warned residents living along River Nzoia, over impending floods as the river is set to break its banks.

    According to a tweet by the weatherman, the catchment area is expected to receive heavy rains in the next three days and thus raising the water levels.

    "Heavy rain (20-50mm) is expected in the Nzoia catchment for the next three days. Already at 7 am this morning (Wednesday, December 4) the water level at Rwambua Bridge was reported to be 5.1m high from the river bed," the weatherman cautioned.

    Flooding in Budalangi

    "Residents living next to the river are advised to prepare to relocate to higher ground. (Avoid crossing swollen rivers and be on high alert 24 hours.)," the department instructed.

    Busia County was also put on high alert over the same.

    "Kenya Met Department issued the following red level severe flood alert in Busia County which takes effect on December 4 at 9 am," the warning further read.

    The red alert specifically states that wet weather may pose a threat to life and property and recommended that one acts immediately to avoid or mitigate the effects of the same.

    This comes barely a day after the government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna revealed that over 130 Kenyans had lost their lives since the heavy rains started pounding the country.

    Oguna further informed that the government was ready to spend Ksh 1 billion to mitigate the effect of the floods.

    Govt Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna