Mudavadi Pokes More Holes in BBI's Prime Minister

  • Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi has read malice in the BBI report proposal of a prime minister position without extra pay, terming this as a bait to create the position that will later attract untold allowances.

    In an ANC party statement seen by, Mudavadi accused the BBI taskforce of not giving enough definition of roles for the premier position claiming that it was a clear sign of a secret motivation.

    “How honest is it to propose that the prime minister will rank above MP and Ministers of state but will draw equal salary? “

    ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has accused the BBI report of leaving multiple loopholes

    “What is the secret motivation here? Untold allowances?” read the statement.

    Further, the former deputy prime minister indicated a possibility of the government dishing out money as remuneration to the prime minister once they get in position.

    “If the government has had the temerity to interfere with the budget of the judiciary which in law is a charge on the consolidated fund and therefore untouchable, how much more would a government headed by an imperial president do here in allocating allowances so as to match the stature of the position of PM?" he wondered.

    The party leader also accused the formulation of the report for not concluding on major issues, therefore leaving the document as a recipe for political battles.

    “The BBI has generally not offered the modalities of implementing many of its suggestions as required,”

    “They have left the document open to fights over how to implement it. This explains the immediate wrangles now engulfing in the process of implementing this document,” added the statement.

    A past photo of Musalia Mudavadi (Left) and President Uhuru Kenyatta

    The BBI report has also been accused of failing to advance a clear path towards economic redemption for the country on pertinent issues such as public debt and high inflation rates.

    Also in Mudavadi’s list of items not addressed include idle and jobless youth, struggling teachers, nurses, farmers and other public servants.

    The report was formally released to the public on November 27, in an event led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

    Since then, it has led to a furious political battle pitting different leaders in the political divide the bone of contention being how the report will be adopted into law.