Chaos as Angry Mob Confronts City Conmen, Lynch One [VIDEO]

  • An angry crowd along the Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi on Wednesday, December 4, confronted a group of con artists and ended up lynching one of them after they allegedly stole Ksh40,000 from a woman.

    Margaret Kemunto Nyamokami was going on her business after alighting a matatu from Mwiki area of Kasarani when she was confronted by a lady who spoke her mother tongue.

    In a video shared by the Daily Nation, Kemunto narrates how after a short conversation with the woman, she was convinced to 'invest' her Ksh40,000 to receive a near-instant reward of Ksh100,000.

    a screengrab of the Kemunto who was conned Ksh40,000 on Wednesday, December 4

    "Since I had the money on my mobile phone they advised me to send the money to them and I would get it back as Ksh100,000," Kemunto told reporters.

    Upon sending the money Kemunto stated that they informed her that she needed to play a certain game in order to double her chances of winning more money, which she did.

    "When I played as they had requested, they told me I had not played right and thus had lost my money," she further narrated.

    She went on to beg them for her money back but they were adamant that she had lost the bet and thus they owed her nothing but from the 'goodness of their hearts', they offered her Ksh10,000.

    It was at this point that she decided to scream her heart out attracting a crowd that confronted the con artists. They confiscated paraphrenia used to disguise their illegal activities that included sound systems and a motorcycle. 

    The woman further narrated how the crowd managed to nab one of the suspects and lynched him before the police could arrive at the scene.

    Nevertheless, it appears she still lost her Ksh30,000 going by her explanation that also involved her producing the remaining Ksh10,000 the con artists returned to her.

    Below is the video courtesy of Daily Nation.