Matiang'i's Staffer Forced to Return Ksh100M Stolen Wealth

  • An anti-corruption court in Nairobi On Wednesday, December 4 ordered Thomas Njogu, a Senior Assistant Accountant at the Ministry of Interior, to return more than Ksh100 million in unexplained wealth.

    Njogu was accused of siphoning over Ksh113 million from public coffers within eight months.

    Justice John Onyiego in his ruling favoured the ethics and anti-corruption commission ordered Npogu to surrender Ksh48 million in cash.

    He also told the accused to return Ksh 67 million worth of properties of the unexplained wealth that he acquired during the short period of time.

    Thomas Njogu Gitu the Interior ministry's senior Assistant accountant

    "The burden of proof lay with the defendant (Njogu) to explain how he acquired his wealth after the plaintiff (EACC)questioned its source," stated Justice Onyiego.

    It was discovered that the accused was earning a gross salary of ksh115 000 per month but his account had over Ksh111 million in cash excluding his account.

    The EACC started investigating the accountant in 2017 after a tip-off that he was making unexplained deposits at several intervals in a day. 

    According to Grace Maina, the EACC lawyer, Njogu would deposit money to his account several times a day ensuring that the amount did not exceed the Ksh 1million limit to avoid questions on the source of the money.

    During the investigation, the EACC was ably to recover Ksh 350,000  and Ksh 6.9 million in local currency from his office at Harambee house.

    He stated that the Ksh6.9million was for petty cash but did not have supporting documents, he further stated that he was willing to refund Ksh200,000 from the Ksh350,000.

    Justice John Onyiego