4 Surprising Media Celebrity Twins

  • Kenyans are fascinated by twins. There’s something enigmatic about two people born at the same time and have shared a womb together.

    It is believed that twins often have an extraordinary sibling bond and an uncanny sixth sense between one another.

    This fascination doubles down when Kenyans learn a celebrity is part of a twin, they suddenly become more interesting. Why? Because they’re famous and there’s basically two of them, how cool is that?

    1.) Jamila Mbugua and Wanjiru Mbugua

    These two media personalities are identical twins which makes it hard to tell them apart.

    Jamila Mbugua is an NTV presenter who hosts The Property Show while her twin sister Wanjiru Mbugua is a communication and marketing consult at Diamond Media.

    Previously, Wanjiru served as a business news anchor from 2006-2008 at KBC.

    On the other hand, Jamila was a host at K24 TV in 2015 before joining Nation Media Group. She hosted Faraja show at the Mediamax-owned station.

    In a 2013 show featuring twins on K24 TV, the two hosted it together and interviewed twins on the show.

    "It wasn't easy for my sister when I got married, it was hard and she almost made my husband an enemy for taking away my sister and best friend," Jamila stated.

    "I had to have a conversation with Jamila's husband and now we are good friends," Wanjiru Mbugua stated.

    The duo lost their father in November 2019.

    Jamila Mbugua(L) and her twin sister Wanjiru. The two lost their father on Thursday, November 21, 2019

    2.) Janet Mbugua and Timothy Mbugua

    Ms Mbugua is a renowned media personality while her twin brother Timothy Mbugua, is a businessman who owns a high-end barbershop in Kilimani, Nairobi. 

    In a 2017 interview on K24 TV by Amina Abdi, Ms Mbugua stated that she had a very strong bond with her brother.

    She added that her husband, Eddie Ndichu was very understanding of their relationship since he also had a twin.

    "I'm very close to my twin and he is very close to his twin so we understand each other. It's a very intense bond with twins, no one can come in between it," she stated.

    Janet Mbugua and her brother Timothy Mbugua

    3.) Eddie Ndichu and Paul Ndichu

    Eddie Ndichu and his twin, Paul Ndichu have married media personalities Janet Mbugua and Maureen Momanyi respectively.

    The duo launched a new show called ‘Double Opinion (DO2)’ in July 2017.

    Eddie revealed that the project was launched with a little inspiration from Janet Mbugua who also has a YouTube channel.

    “Introducing Double Opinion (DO2) #DO2 in science means the global delivery rate of oxygen to tissues per minute. For us, it's a new content platform to deliver simplicity and understanding through two points of view and perspectives that otherwise seem similar,” Eddie told the media during the launch.


    4.) Lisa Gaitho and Anita Gaitho

    Lisa Gaitho, who is a Kenyan based blogger, vlogger and media personality, has a twin sister called Anita Gaitho.

    On the other hand, Ms Anita is a fashion blogger and model.

    The two are daughters of Macharia Gaitho, a journalist whose works are published by Daily Nation.

    Lisa Gaitho and her sister Anita Gaitho