Ruto's Cash Gift Turned Down by Samburu Man

  • A man identified as Leraki Leriano on Friday, December 6 turned down money from Deputy President William Ruto and instead made a rather unlikely demand.

    Ruto encountered Lelaki when he made an impromptu landing in Samburu County on his way to the annual Turkana festival in Loiyangalani, Marsabit County, as informed by Digital Innovations and Diaspora Communications Secretary Dennis Itumbi.

    He revealed that the conversation between the DP and Lelaki was rather interesting as the Samburu resident did not recognise the man who stood before him, instead, sent a message to be delivered to Ruto.

    Deputy President William Ruto and Lelaki Leriani on Friday, December 6, 2019.

    "Go tell the leader you came with to pass my greetings to a person named Ruto. You tell him we are praying for him," Lelaki was quoted.

    Asked if who he knew who Ruto was, Lelaki, speaking in Swahili calmly stated, "The leader you came with must know him. We hear he wants to be president."

    Interestingly, the Samburu man did not know who Kenya's president was.

    Lelaki asked the DP to make a plea on his behalf to 'Ruto'.

    "Tell him we pray he becomes president, then he gives us back guns to guard our livestock with. Or he gives them to reservists," Lelaki stated.

    Ruto agreed to deliver the message and when he reached out for some money to gift Lelaki, he was turned down.

    "I don't want money. Tell the leader you have come with to inform Ruto that we are praying for him. I should be the one to pay you to deliver my message," Itumbi quoted Lelaki.

    According to Itumbi, all this time the local man did not know he was speaking to Ruto himself.